Sateira Software

Awards Review of Sateira CD&DVD; Burner

This basic CD- and the DVD-burning app offer solid performance with a few advanced features. The software actually consists of four standalone programs: Data Burner, Audio Burner, DropToCD Lite, and Session Commander. The program’s interface is well organized and quite easy to navigate. The main window is divided into two parts. The upper shows your computer’s contents and the lower shows what, if anything, you have burned to disc. For CD and DVD creation and burning, you simply drop files into the lower window. The backup utility DropToCD Lite makes it even easier by offering a unique drop icon that floats on your desktop, letting you quickly add multiple files from different locations. Clicking an empty CD gives you numerous actions to choose from, such as Burn-Proof, test writing, finalizing, loading the last session, or choosing a CD to record to. Session Commander logs the details of your session. You can choose among numerous formats, including CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, and DVD-RW. Sateira CD&DVD; Burner fulfills the needs of most home users.