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Everything you need to know about security on your mobile device

Whether you have a new mobile device in your hands for the first time or you already have a long time using them, security may be an issue that you are not giving the importance that corresponds.

Our Smartphone has become a huge store of personal and private data that should not be exposed to third parties because of our inexperience and that is why today we have compiled some safety guidelines that we should all follow to protect the security of stored information. on our mobile devices.

Dangers to which we expose ourselves

This is without a doubt the era of information and mobile technology. It is for that reason that security must become an important part of our daily life, being that we occupy several minutes of the day sending messages to our family and friends, often with personal and private information, which should not be used by any other person. Likewise, through our devices, we usually carry out banking operations and usually do not realize that the Wi-Fi connection we use can be the channel through which the information of our banking data is filtered, which of course is nothing recommendable.

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Minimize security risks existing on mobile devices is not as complicated as it seems. The security breaches have been greatly reduced by the latest updates of the most used operating systems such as iOS and Android. The most common thing in mobile devices is the entry of malware, which are malicious programs that are inserted and executed within the device where they are installed, of course, without the user having authorized such action. The objective of this type of software can be incredibly varied, ranging from obtaining personal data stored in the cache of our device to making subscriptions to services through the use of our banking data, although to a greater or lesser extent, all the objectives of a malware are negative for users.

The worst thing is that given the way they work, we do not even notice their presence because they operate in the background and are only recognized by the antivirus that we previously installed on the device.

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Many online casino companies that are currently booming, have special security protocols to prevent these cases from their own applications, always advising their users to only access their platforms with official applications and not from third parties.

In general, the recommendation is to install an antivirus that is constantly updated to detect these types of programs, install applications only from trusted sites, preferably from the application store of each operating system and even then, before installing, check the security permits that it requires, review the comments of users to be aware of anything that offers some distrust.