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Create App to know how attractive you are

An app to know if you are attractive by analyzing a photo of your face, is it really reliable? Does it have any advantage beyond entertainment?


An app to know how attractive you are is the latest invention to create the woman who really needs a mobile application to measure her attractiveness. It’s LKBL The Beauty Meter, the app that presents itself as the beauty meter, aimed at people between 15 and 40, just by taking a photo of the face. And if you have a partner, the app also measures compatibility based on the face’s photograph.

Smartphone apps have contributed to the revolution in the use of mobile devices, such as innovative and practical applications for health. But within the increasingly broad catalog of apps aimed at women, there are some proposals that should be used as mere entertainment. An app, free, that can arouse curiosity, although we should not forget that it only measures the exterior beauty, the appearance, not the interior that is the most important.

App to measure beauty

The Beauty Meter app

Can an app measure how attractive you are from a photo? In mathematical terms, and from some algorithms, yes, but from the beginning to measure the attractiveness, the photographs must comply with parameters of proximity, posture, and angle.

Beauty, or the attractiveness of a person, is not much of a question of numbers. Beauty is subjective, as science has also endorsed. A study conducted at the University of Wellesley, and published in the journal Current Biology, concludes that beauty is in the eyes of those who look, also influenced by their life experiences.

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The physical features of a person count, but there are other qualities of his personality that can not be measured in a photograph and that make people even more attractive. Being an intelligent person, having empathy, being a smiling person, and even taking care of your health is the best way to enhance beauty and attractiveness. Thus, for example, several studies published in The Journal of Psychology have found that the perception of beauty is superior when the person shows a smiley or happy attitude.

The Beauty Meter, available for Android, is as easy to use as it is to make or upload a photo that the system will scan to give your note. The better the photo or selfie, and above all be well focused, the higher the score.

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