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Family invests everything in “bitcoins” to live in camping in Holland

A Dutch family sold all their properties, including the toys of their three daughters, to invest all the money in the virtual currency “bitcoin” and live a minimalist life at a campsite in Venlo, in the south-east of Holland, while watching their capital increase.

“We are betting on this idea with a double objective: the most important thing is to lead a simple life, in which our happiness does not depend on material things, in the meantime we invest our money in bitcoins and hopefully multiply,” he told Efe the father of this family, Didi Taihuttu.

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The first time Didi heard about this virtual currency was in 2012 when he “had no idea” what it was or where that system would get.

“I started to search and get interested in it. Out of curiosity, I bought some bitcoins, sold them, and I did not do it thinking that it would go much further,” he said.

Bitcoin, invented by a Japanese who uses the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, is an encrypted currency created from a computer code and when it was released in February 2009 it was worth only a few cents.

The value of this criptomoneda already surpasses the US $ 6,100, according to the updated data of the page of exchange of digital currencies “Bitstamp”, with headquarters in Luxembourg.

Neither Didi nor his wife, Romaine, imagined that bitcoins would be so popular over the years, so they did not attach much importance to the subject at first.

After his father fell seriously ill in 2015, Didi spent more time with his family and left out his business, his interests and even his curiosity about the digital currency and the money that had invested in this new system.

“When my father died in January 2016, we all traveled to Bali. I was on the beach, enjoying a wonderful day, when a friend called me and asked to check the application of the bitcoins, because I would have a surprise,” he recalled.

It was at this time that the Dutch realized that digital coins are “the revolution of the monetary system” because by verifying their investment after a year and a half, the money they acquired and marketed in 2013 “had gained several zeros.”

Didi spoke to Romaine and said he was “tired” of working long hours away from family and “how attachment to material matters had killed his dreams” and that the same could happen to his daughters, seven, ten and twelve.

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Since then, he has considered the bitcoins “the perfect opportunity” for a change of life and has convinced his family to sell his home, his company, three cars and a motorcycle in Holland.

“We sold even the clothes we did not wear, the girls’ toys, all the luxury goods we had and we invested everything in bitcoins,” said the father of the family.

The daughters did not understand this project at first, because they left a house with five rooms to live in a bungalow of 50 square meters in a campsite in Venlo.

“They like to sleep together and are happy with our new life,” said Didi.

According to the Dutch research institute Kantar TNS, about 135,000 families in the country have currencies currently encrypted, twice as much as last year.

Many people invest a small amount: 43% of households spent no more than 100 euros and more than half got “modest profits” from their investment.

“We are aware that this is a gamble and we can lose everything. It would be a disaster because we invested everything, but we can always go back to the routine of having a salary and working,” explained Didi.

Cryptographic expert Kijn Soeteman was surprised by the decision of the family and told the public radio and television network “NOS” that “there are still many technical obstacles that can cause strong oscillations” in this digital currency.

The system, global and decentralized, allows direct transactions between users, without intermediaries, that are registered in a public database.

Didi, who reports on her daily life at, considers herself “an example to others who want to seek freedom” and shows her confidence in bitcoins as the currency of the future.

“Even if we are millionaires, we will continue to live a simple life. The Netherlands is a very expensive country, so our plan is to go to another place, like Spain, the country of our dreams, where we will survive thanks to the bitcoins trade” , Didi concluded.