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Charging the mobile in seconds is possible

Use your phone whenever you want thanks to the electrode developed by a group of researchers

At present we can not live without our mobile phone. However, the short battery life of smartphones is a problem for all those who need to be connected at all times.

For years, numerous technological investigations have focused their studies on obtaining batteries more durable and efficient. A group of researchers from the University of Drexel College of Engineering in Pennsylvania (USA) has developed a new type of electrode that charges the battery in just seconds:

Do not run out of battery

The electrode developed by this group of researchers uses MXene, a highly conductive material of electricity that allows the speed of the load to increase vertiginously. Thus, our smartphone’s battery, composed of a positive charge electrode and a negative charge electrode, stores energy during charging and then releases it to power the devices.

“This paves the way for the development of ultra-powerful power storage devices that can be loaded and unloaded in seconds, but storing much more energy than conventional supercapacitors,” said study director Yury Gogotsi.