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This is how you should clean your computer inside

Dust and lint accumulate everywhere, you just have to look around. At home, however clean you are, this type of dirt is constantly flowing, it is inevitable, but you have to be very careful with electronic devices , especially with computers .

Many people think that cleaning a PC is simply keeping your junk files away from your storage and software or wiping it occasionally to the screen , but the rest of the peripherals and especially the inside of the computer itself suffer greatly with The accumulation of dust – and you with it if you are allergic.

As time passes, any laptop or desktop PC tends to suffer small (and not so small) problems from the accumulation of dust. Although you may not notice it with the naked eye, it is true that the heat sinks or fans are working worse because the dust from the grids prevents it, causing the temperatures of the appliance to rise and its performance goes down. Dust filters on casings, housings, or components help to reduce that accumulation, but it is not enough to prevent components from wearing down unnecessarily.

In terms of peripherals, screens, keyboards, mice or loudspeakers , the dust is more noticeable because you have it in front and annoying to the eye, so it is usually cleaned more. Even so, if only a superficial cleaning is performed is not enough; It is necessary to clean it in detail so that the lint does not remain in the corners or in the most inaccessible spaces.

Since dusting is vital for your computer and its components to be maintained as the first day, here are a number of tips to be carried out each periodically to avoid possible problems.

The screens

Cleaning the computer screen, whether portable or desktop, is a real art. Here it is necessary to remove dirt and dust, yes, but also bacteria and disinfect the monitor because we tend to touch it more with dirty hands than we think.

All in all, a dry or slightly damp cloth should be used to clean the dust ; To remove the bacteria you have to clean the screen with alcohol and some distilled water .

Keyboards and mouse

As with screens, the keyboard and mouse are not only exposed to dust and lint, but also to the fat and bacteria we accumulate in our hands or around us.

How to clean your computer
Eating in front of the computer can fill the keyboard with grease. Getty Images

As a general rule, both aspects need to be cleaned here. The idea is to use a slightly damp cloth to remove surface dust and, later and very carefully, a suede with some alcohol before passing a dry cloth to remove any residual water or disinfectant that remain on the surface.

In the case of desktop computer keyboards, these are larger and often have more nooks and crannies between the keys by which the dust is constantly being shed. Ideally, if you can, remove the keys to clean them one by one along with the inside , but as we know that this does not usually happen, there are a couple of extra tricks to get hold of.

First of all, with a ‘post-it’ you can easily and inexpensively remove dirt, although it is tedious in time and resources (you will have to use several); Take one and use the sticky part to go past the keys until you remove all lint. The second option is to use a bottle of compressed air: this bottle comes with a head the size of a straw that expels cold air under pressure , so that the dust comes out of the last corner of the keyboard with ease – yes, beware of the cold ; Do not keep the button pressed all the time, just a few seconds, and move the bottle assiduously so as not to have problems -.

The inside of the computer

The interior of a computer is the most complicated part of the list, but not for that something impossible or only suitable for experts. Of course, if you think that you are not going to get well or are afraid, do not hesitate to take your computer to a specialized center to do the cleaning: they will charge you what corresponds, but leave it in the hands of professionals. If you do it at home, remember to do it with the computer off and unplugged from the power (on a desktop PC turn off the power switch as well).

How to clean your computer
It is easier to clean a desktop computer inside than a laptop. Getty Images

What does it take to clean a computer inside? A fine, medium-soft hair brush that can be inserted in any recess, and a vacuum cleaner with a tube head to make it easier to handle. If you want to get a little more punctilious or detailed, the bottle of compressed air, having the head so small and expel the air under pressure , can help you very well to reach corners where the rest of the utensils have not just arrived very well.

On a laptop the subject is slightly more difficult to perform. What you have to do is turn it around and remove the screws on the back cover to open it – some computers lose the warranty with this action; Take a look at yours first -. Once opened, very carefully (the components are smaller and many come soldered) removes the surface dust and help the brush to try to clean as much of the zones as possible between the components (the bottle in this case is very useful , But use it at a certain distance and without keeping the air long at the same point, with short pulsations). When you finish, screw it again to make it look like new.

On a desktop computer you have to start by unscrewing the side cover of the device to access its interior. If you look capable, it is best to remove all the heat sinks, fans and graphics card to clean the dust that is there embedded conscientiously; If you do not know how or if you dare, use the vacuum cleaner and the brush to go little by little, cleaning very well the fan blades, dust filters and grooves you are encountering. When you finish, put the lid back in place.

Also, do not forget that slots for memory cards, floppy disks or USBs also accumulate dust, as do the connections you have outdoors and do not use. Also clean these corners to be as effective as possible to remove accumulated dirt.